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Portfolio Companies

Cohere Med

The world’s first platform that harnesses high fidelity patient data to reveal actionable foresight

Stasis Lab

Michael Maylahn, Dinesh Seemakurty

Stasis provides a FDA cleared remote monitoring solution for patient care in facilities and at home. Stasis has an end-to-end solution that collects vitals data from the bedside, and flexibly centralizes the monitoring information to provide remote access to physicians and clinical teams wherever is most convenient for them. Through automated data collection, remote connectivity, and predictive alerts - we help our clients increase patient safety while improving their profitability. As of June 2021, we’ve provided care for over 50,000 patients.

Zeit Medical

Orestis Vardoulis, PhD (MechEng and BiomedEng) Urs Naber, MD (Pediatric Critical Care Physician)

Zeit Medical is a telehealth company that offers at home monitoring and alerts for individuals who live with the risk of stroke. At risk individuals struggle with a daily fear that a stroke might happen during night time or when they are alone and go unnoticed for hours before help arrives. To alleviate that fear, Zeit medical offers a smart headband that analyzes EEG waveforms to detect the onset of an event immediately and alert the patient, caregivers and 911. Each year, more than 10 million Americans struggle with the idea of having a stroke. Zeit Medical will provide peace of mind as a service for these individuals.

Certus Critical Care

Austin Johnson, MD, PhD; Timothy Williams, MD; Lucas Neff, MD; Jason Adams, MD

Our mission is to increase survival and quality of life in the aftermath of stroke, cardiac arrest, and hemorrhagic shock with an adaptive and intelligent endovascular balloon catheter. Certus Critical Care has designed the EVAC System as a next-generation endovascular technology for precision control of hemodynamics in patients with stroke, cardiac arrest, or uncontrolled hemorrhage. EVAC automates partial aortic occlusion to optimize patient hemodynamics. Improved outcomes are supported by >250 large animal studies.

GeneYX Inc

David Yizhar, Dvir Dahary, Raviv Itzhaky and Ofer Barnea

FROM ANALYSIS TO DISCOVERY - Driving the Future of Clinical Genetic Data Analysis. Geneyx offers best-in-class practices harnessing genetic data available to guide digital insights for rare and germline disorders and diseases. We aim to enrich disease-specific, clinically relevant insights around risk prediction, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment for clinical and pharmaceutical organizations. Our AI-based platform is the first and best choice for hospitals, genetic labs, translational, and early target discovery researchers at Pharma and BioTech. Geneyx proprietary platform doubles the diagnostic yield while taking turn-around time from hours to minutes. Geneyx’s technology provides biomedical interpretation capabilities for the largest scope of the human genome. We continually provide new solutions for enhancing this scope. This enables researchers to better leverage the power of whole-genome sequencing data. The novel findings they can distill because of this technology will lead to the development of the next generation of targeted and personalized therapeutics and diagnostics.

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