Break through innovations saving lives


Digilife is a seed fund focused on health care. We specialize in investing and nurturing startups that apply new-age technologies to complex problems in healthcare. We are a team of professionals with impressive track records working together to build great companies that improve health & well- being of people around the world


Our vision is to create best in class health care at an affordable cost for every human being around the world, using breakthrough innovations and best in breed entrepreneurs.


To enable care providers to offer best in class patient centered affordable health care with excellence in quality, service and access.

Our investments

We believe in nurturing ideas and building companies.

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Why we are Different

Our focus on breakthrough innovations that combine biology & technology such as gene editing or genetic sequencing that uses AI

Our track record of mentoring best in breed entrepreneurs.

Our collective experience in building and running health care & IT services companies

Our strategic relationships with Stanford, Duke and C-CAMP(india)

Our presence in largest developed world, namely US, and in india, the 2nd largest emerging market in the world which gives us opportunities to find solutions that work in both markets